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Our 2008 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster: Poet without boundaries

I have no boundaries
In this city of my birth
I, too, roam freely

Poet: Omanii Abdullah
Artist: Rod Martinez
Item#: 2008SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster: I am my master

I am from the hood
The hood did not enslave me
I am my master

Poet: Omanii Abdullah
Artist: Dusty Herbig
Item#: 2008SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster: Urban crows

Crows cruise dawn to dusk—
could be Nature's vision of
urban renewal

Poet: Ellen Agnew
Artist: Caitlin Maloney
Item#: 2008SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster: Dinosaur Barbecue poster with musicians

Blazing Dinosaur
Serves up red hot barbeque
With rhythm and blues..

Poet: Carla Bregman
Artist: Sarah Rebar
Item#: 2008SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster: Shakespeare and rose garden

Drama in the round,
Roses, far and wide abound.
Shakespeare would be proud.

Poet: Rosalyn Carroll
Artist: Rebecca Zomchek
Item#: 2008SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster: Limestone Creek and trout

Morning light glances
Limestone Creek cedars — shadows
chase brown trout through pools

Poet: Jay Cox
Artist: Sarah McCoubrey
Item#: 2008SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster: Armory Square street vendor

sharing cold drinks from
a street vender who sold us

Poet: Liz Fenn
Artist: Ju One Park
Item#: 2008SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster: Girl with teddy bear

crystal quilts of ice
fluffy blankets of snow with
dreams that warm the soul

Poet: Arthur Flowers
Artist: Erin Schechtman
Item#: 2008SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster: Neighborhood basketball

Fenced in glory hoops
leap in air toward heaven
endless chatter scores

Poet: Pat Flowers
Artist: Gabe Eng-Goetz
Item#: 2008SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster: Painting of an inspiring black woman

Like the red lotus
I bloom from mud. A symbol
for struggle; new life

Poet: Kali Huff
Artist: James Ransome
Item#: 2008SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster: Lovers in historic Armory Square

A curious moon
peeping over the rooftop
in Armory Square

Poet: Jungtae Lee
Artist: Sahng-Yeon Lee
Item#: 2008SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster: Psychedelic jazz

Psychedelic soul
slicked with mental decibles
this cool groove is jazz

Poet: Lynn McDonald
Artist: Steve DeFino
Item#: 2008SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster: Open Hand Puppet Theater

Tiny Castle looms —
Puppets, both dwarf and giant
Open Hand gives life!

Poet: Anna Pyrohanych
Artist: Allison Black
Item#: 2008SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster: Jazz at Crouse College

We met on The Hill—
Now we hear our daughter play
Jazz at Crouse College

Poet: Michele Reed
Artist: Hoi Laam Yau
Item#: 2008SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse belly dancing

With coin bright shimmies
festival bellydancers
light up Westcott Street

Poet: Jennifer Wielt
Artist: Sheera Rubin
Item#: 2008SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster: Frederick Douglass in Syracuse

Frederick Douglass
spoke as cheering thousands sang
under this same sky

Poet: Bryan Wilbur
Artist: David Hicock
Item#: 2008SYR16


Buy this entire year's poster series at a discount.

In addition to making large-format posters for display downtown, each year we mount a traveling exhibit of framed poster prints. The exhibit goes to a new public venue every month or so. When the new year's poster come out, we swap out the frames. We then offer the remaindered prints for sale. These have been dry mounted to foam core board, and are ready to be matted and framed in 18 x 24 - inch frames.

We sell an entire year's series-16 prints, together with an informational text board for each print-for $320. That's like getting the dry mounting and text boards for free. It's a great way to beautify a sizable space-a café, lobby, hallway-with a single, economical purchase. To inquire, send us an email.

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