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If you believe in art as an expression of community, and you like seeing it in public, you’ve come to the right place.

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Onondaga ramps

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Onondaga ramps

Onondaga ramps
Lake Park teens jump all day
radical flip—turns

Add to your list of scenes that shout "Summer!" a blazing sun baking an asphalt skate park, with skateboarders and their shadows flitting around. This week's Poster Spotlight bottles all these sizzling elements for year around remembrance. Buy the poster at a discount this week. Buy it for a friend or relative and have us ship it.

Enjoy more work by artist William M. Burns at his Instagram account.

Learn more about the poet, Jennifer Fulco, and her artist sister, Paula Fulco, at their shared Facebook account.

Current Posters (2024 Series)

Haudenosaunee: Rick Portine, Poet; Kathleen O'Dell, Artist.

The Syracuse Poster Project, established in 2001, brings together community poets and artists to create an annual series of poetry posters for the city’s poster panels.

Each year we produce 10 or more art posters, each featuring an illustrated poem about downtown, the city, nearby countryside, and as of 2024, historical characters. The Project enlivens the city, builds community, and spreads its value by selling poster prints and poster-related products.

We released the 11 posters of the 2024 series at an unveiling celebration, April 29. Thank you to the many poets, artists and fans of public art who turned out. The 2024 posters now remain on display for a year in the kiosks of Salina and Warren streets, the poster boxes in front of the Salina Street post office, and several windows of the Landmark Theatre, at Clinton and Jefferson streets.

You can participate in our activities by submitting poetry, joining our call for artists, volunteering, making a donation, or buying our products. We offer a growing array of goods, including Syracuse posters, note cards, postcards, haiku booklets, and books on poster art and haiku. All proceeds from donations and sales directly fund our work. Your support sustains us.

If you live in Central New York, perusing these pages will confirm your love of certain landmarks, parks, neighborhoods and native experience. You’ll also deepen your appreciation of the creative community, learning about Syracuse poets and Syracuse artists, and the city that inspires them. You’ll find your neighbors, colleagues, teachers from your grade or high school, and other acquaintances. In short, you’ll discover that Syracuse’s creative community is your community.

If you’re new to the region or passing through, browse these pages as you would a quirky travel guide. You’ll find, conveyed through Syracuse art and poetry, an assortment of places and experiences that stir the hearts of locals. Well-known landmarks, as you’d expect, but also plenty of subtle, backyard epiphanies. If you’re looking for Syracuse souvenirs, we’ll send you home with a poster unique to this region. And while you’re here, compose a short Syracuse poem and send it to us. We love the fresh vision of travelers!


Read comments from some of our poets, artists, and other happy poster peeps

I love the way that the Syracuse Poster Project highlights the things that make this city such a unique place to live.I think the Syracuse Poster Project is a really positive addition to our community, and it's something I'm really excited to be participating in.

photo of Carrie Elliott
Carrie Elliott

After so many years, the unveiling was a great reminder of what the project does, letting people have free access to an amazing art experience on the streets of Syracuse!

photo of Amie St. Amour
Amie St. Amour

I'm thrilled the posters are placed around Syracuse. It allows people to take pride in their city and it brings a little color and inspiration for all to enjoy.

photo of Stephanie Todero
Stephanie Todero

The artist seemed to have peered into my soul and read my words there. For perhaps the first and only time I felt that someone had actually understood what I had hoped to say in one of my poems.

photo of Sally Lloyd
Sally Lloyd

I really felt honored to be a part of the Syracuse Poster Project because it has a really long lineage of really great paintings to come out of the illustration department. I'm really excited to have been a part of it and done this painting alongside the poet.

photo of Stephanie Boyle
Stephanie Boyle

We love your Erie Canal Poster. It correctly reflects a sense of moving forward towards a bright future for the canal while still reminding us of the canal's incredible history.Thank you for offering a great poster to support such a wonderful resource.

John Koella and Susan Sharp

The more I've learned about the Syracuse Poster Project, I realized that public art benefits us all and now I take notice in ways I hadn't before.

Mary Ellen Speicher

Your posters stopped me in my tracks when I first moved to town--beautiful tributes to the most underrated city around.

Eevie Smith

Thank you so very much for conceiving of and nurturing this amazing project that marries poetry and art and promotes where we live! It is such a gift to our community!

photo of Diane Lansing
Diane Lansing

Thanks for doing this every year. I know it's a lot of work but it's a great thing and there are many of us who enjoy it and many more who enjoy it without even realizing it!

John Viggiano

Growing up in Syracuse as a first-generation child of Vietnamese immigrants, I was inspired by the city's vibrant artwork and posters, sparking my passion for art and leading me to explore graphic design and marketing. Pursuing a minor in arts administration deepened my appreciation for art and fueled my desire to use design for storytelling and advocacy. I deeply admire the Syracuse Poster Project for showcasing local artists and embracing diversity, representing a wide range of differences.

photo of Annie Trang
Annie Trang

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