Shipping Policy

We package your order in a flat 13x18-inch cardboard mailer and ship it via U.S. Postal Service. You can choose standard service or express service at checkout.

Shipping options

Via standard service, your order travels by First Class or Priority Mail, and arrives within one to four days of the ship date. We ship standard orders within three business days of receiving them.

Via express service, your order travels by Express Mail and arrives within two business days.

International service: This site does not handle international orders, but we can fill them by special arrangement. Send us a note through the Contact Us page, and we will follow up about the arrangements. Your order will travel by Priority Mail and usually arrives within six to 10 business days of the ship date.

Confirmation and tracking: After verifying payment, we will e-mail you a confirmation. Through the Postal Service tracking system, we can confirm that your order has reached its destination. If a problem occurs, e-mail us. We will promptly respond.


Payment: All on-line orders must be paid by credit card or Google Pay. Orders are processed by the payment platform, Square.

Sales tax: Orders shipped to New York State incur an 8 percent sales tax. In New York State, sales tax applies to the order and the shipping and handling costs.

Shipping & handling:

Order Amount – S&H Charge

$0.00 to $15.00 – $3.95

$15.01 to $25.00 – $7.95

$25.01 to $40.00 – $8.95

$40.01 to $60.00 – $9.95

$60.01 to $80.00 – $12.95

$80.01 to $100.00 – $13.95

$100.01 to $120.00 – $14.95

$120.01 to $140.00 – $15.95

$140.01 to $160.00 – $16.95

$160.01 to $180.00 – $17.95

$180.01 to $200.00 – $18.95

$200.01 to $999.99 – $19.95

Additional shipping & handling charges:

Express service, add $15
Shipping to Canada, add $5
Shipping to other countries, add $10


All poster prints are produced on demand and are not returnable. Please be aware that printed colors will come close to colors portrayed by a computer screen, but may not match.