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Morning Light Glances


Item#: 2008SYR06

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Morning Light Glances

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Morning light glances
Limestone Creek cedars — shadows
chase brown trout through pools

When out fishing, I always enjoy that early part of the morning when sunlight -- if there is any -- breaks through the trees, slowly transforming my view of the sky, landscape, and water around me.

Along local creeks like Limestone, I look forward to finding fishing spots near cedars -- taking in their rough-hewn bark, outstretched branches, scent, and the way their gnarled roots are sometimes exposed, clutching eroding creek banks as the trees lean over the water.

If there are brown trout around, they are usually hard for me to spot, but growing light and shifting shadows can spook them, sending them shooting around the stream. On a good day, this allows me to see them, at least for a moment.

I was happy to see a poem about Limestone Creek, since I live near the creek, and since I've been paining local waterways. I'm attracted to any kind of water. Puddles. Streams. The Erie Canal. I love the reflections, and the way reflections of sky open up a painting. In fact, this painting comes from one I had already painted of the creek.

Initially, I considered painting a new painting, because I thought, Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a poster of atmospheric, beautiful colors, of this creek? But when I took pictures as source material they seemed generic, and I didn't like them as much as the image I already had. Then when I cropped the original, I actually liked my crop better than my original. In the original, there's more sky. This seems more intimate.