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Omanii Abdullah
So often in the city, young people feel confined by either their schools, their living situation, or lack of employment, or under-employment, and so forth. I don't think you should use that as a barrier. Don't let that be a fence around you.

So when I wrote this haiku, I was thinking, "I'm a product of the inner city, but it didn't control me, I was in control of my destiny." You have to have a plan. It's like reaching a fork in the road. You look at this fork, and you say, "Which road am I going to choose?" The one filled with vice, negativity, and so forth? It may look alluring. But you've got to have the stamina within yourself to say, "I think I'll opt for the other road." It might be a rocky road -- even at my age, my road is still somewhat rocky. So you persevere.

I have no boundaries
In this city of my birth
I, too, roam freely

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