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Freshly Picked Berries


Item#: 2011SYR09

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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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An information page with photos of the artist and poet, and hand-written comments from each.

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Freshly Picked Berries

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Freshly picked berries
summer—stained fingers and lips—
memory preserves

Last June, two of my students gave me jars of homemade jam. And I felt rich in jam.

We are lucky here, with fields of pick-your-own strawberries, with farmers' market raspberries nestled in small blue boxes—but in winter, to crack open a jar and taste summer—to remember! What a gift!

When I saw the poem, this image immediately popped into my head. The second line felt kind of playful and childish and I thought I could have some fun and be carefree with it. All of the student publications are always asking for student work, but other than the Poster Project, if we want to do something professionally, it's up to us to put our work out there and track down opportunities to take advantage of.

I'm proud to say that I'm in the process of selling a painting to a Hollywood actor, and it took some hard work and strategy just to get him to see it. As for student publications, I have a comic strip in the Daily Orange, which is a student-run newspaper. There are so many people who visit campus every day, and you never know who might see your work. So it's important to get it out there in any way possible.