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Our 2014 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster: Couple snuggling in winter

Winter is coming
wool socks and long underwear
the long sleep is near

Poet: Paul Goat Allen
Artist: Andrew Casadonte
Item#: 2014SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster: Overhead highway and bird and flowers

Overhead highway
Flier on the exit ramp
Roadside wildflower

Poet: John Anderson
Artist: Meredith Doty
Item#: 2014SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster: Coffee cup and decorative patterns

city slowly wakes
coffee aroma drifting
shop windows beckon

Poet: Teddi Caltabiano
Artist: Laura Eckes
Item#: 2014SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster: Woman shopping at farmers market

Our Farmers' Market
Straddles summer into fall
With luscious bounties

Poet: Rosalyn Carroll
Artist: Abbey Lossing
Item#: 2014SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster: Woman holding cornucopia from farmers market

Shining farm market
Season of splendid colors
Flowers kiss flowers

Poet: Vinh Dang
Artist: Chad Wallace
Item#: 2014SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster: Couple cross country skiing in street

Cars trapped in driveways.
Skiers glide softly mid-street
Making morning tracks.

Poet: Dianne Emmick
Artist: Ash Merkel
Item#: 2014SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster: Columbus Circle in Syracuse with frog and flowers

Frog so small and green
Peeper sunning on wide leaf—
I watch quietly

Poet: Sally Hendee
Artist: Daniel Blaushild
Item#: 2014SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster: Armory Square shot clock in Syracuse

Tick tock, tick tock, tick
Thirty-five second count down
Orange brings it home.

Poet: Abigail Lent
Artist: Yoomin Cheong
Item#: 2014SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster: Cicada buzzing in tree

Buzzing up above
Cicadas in the treetops
Shower me with songs.

Poet: Craig Overbeck
Artist: Rachel Barry
Item#: 2014SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster:  Armory Square at night with lone dog

Sleeping streets awake
in the faint whisper of night.
A distant dog barks.

Poet: Thea St. Omer
Artist: Katherine Flores
Item#: 2014SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse at night with lone sax player

Lonely concrete world
Sad note from a saxophone
Night in the city

Poet: Patsy Scala
Artist: John McGowan
Item#: 2014SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster: Little Italy cafe patron with espresso and cigar

Men in fedoras
sit in Italian cafes
espresso and smoke.

Poet: Michael Sickler
Artist: Andrew Greif
Item#: 2014SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster: Girl in penny candy store

Little corner store
of penny-candy-kids and
mom and pop patience.

Poet: Jeanne Viggiano
Artist: Anna Paterno
Item#: 2014SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster: Everson Museum of Art

The Everson sits
Quiet, still, sensuously
Aware of itself.

Poet: Bryan & Shirley Wilbur
Artist: Cara Luddy
Item#: 2014SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster: Colemans Pub on Tipp Hill with leprechauns and snowman

Luck of the Irish
Green beer, white snow, orange pride
Reversed traffic light

Poet: Seneca Wilson
Artist: Erick Friely
Item#: 2014SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster: Winter blue jay on Syracuse University campus

Cold December wind.
Brave blue jay scans horizons,
seeking his last meal.

Poet: George Wojtowycz
Artist: Hillary Cianciosi
Item#: 2014SYR16

Syracuse Art Poster: Colemans Pub on Tipp Hill with leprechauns and snowman

Spring comes, flowers bloom
Deer dine on floral buffet
Gardeners must pay

Poet: Jim and Bobbi Yonai
Artist: Emily Andrews
Item#: 2014SYR17




Buy this entire year's poster series at a discount.

In addition to making large-format posters for display downtown, each year we mount a traveling exhibit of framed poster prints. The exhibit goes to a new public venue every month or so. When the new year's poster come out, we swap out the frames. We then offer the remaindered prints for sale. These have been dry mounted to foam core board, and are ready to be matted and framed in 18 x 24 - inch frames.

We sell an entire year's series-16 prints, together with an informational text board for each print-for $320. That's like getting the dry mounting and text boards for free. It's a great way to beautify a sizable space-a café, lobby, hallway-with a single, economical purchase. To inquire, send us an email.

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