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Our 2005 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster: Reading Syracuse Post Standard in winter

Nature's gift of snow
allows us to slow our pace,
take time to reflect

Poet: Ellen Agnew
Artist: Ivy Hickam
Item#: 2005SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster: Shopping in Armory Square

Stroll the town parade
Bar hop, coffee shops, bus stops
Times when friends are made

Poet: Pearl Baldwin
Artist: Megan Grogan
Item#: 2005SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster: Women at Armory Square cafe

Sitting in the Square
Sipping on flavored coffee
Watch, traffic flow grows.

Poet: Audia Denton
Artist: Courtney Jentzen
Item#: 2005SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster: Dining outdoors in Armory Square

Sparrows fight for crumbs
Dropped by alfresco diner
In Armory Square

Poet: Sheila Forsyth
Artist: Bobby Nelson
Item#: 2005SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse

above long shadows
brushing Columbus Circle
a church window shines

Poet: Robert Gaurnier
Artist: Katharan Wilkes
Item#: 2005SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster: Hills Building gargoyle in Syracuse

Crystal towers rise
What happened to the gargoyles?
Old men keep asking.

Poet: Helen Hilbert
Artist: Johnny Acurso
Item#: 2005SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster: Iroquois history in Syracuse

Through the southern hills
Ancient American roots
and nobody knows

Poet: Tom Huff
Artist: Lindsay Dedario
Item#: 2005SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster: Heron on Onondaga Lake

heron stands upright
tail feathers brush stream waters
teaching me stillness

Poet: Catherine Landis
Artist: Alexius Wronka
Item#: 2005SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster: Motorcycles and barbecue in Syracuse

The Harleys roll in
for music and barbeque
Oh, see how they shine!

Poet: Nancy Liccione
Artist: Margot Miller
Item#: 2005SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster:  Pink flamingos at Rosamond Gifford Zoo

With grace, salmon pink
flamingos stand on one leg
snoozing at the zoo

Poet: Joan Loveridge-Sanbonmatsu
Artist: Renee Mlynaryk
Item#: 2005SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster: Jazz in Clinton Square

Flash of her trombone
Chill of ice cream on my tongue—
jazz at Clinton Square

Poet: Michele Reed
Artist: Jon Carey
Item#: 2005SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster: Downtown Syracuse bus stop

Stop, unload and load
A deli on the corner
Salina Street bus

Poet: Joe Sarnicola
Artist: Elice Katz
Item#: 2005SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster: Hawley Green neighborhood

These buildings breathe deep
the measure of our good hope
to let us exhale!

Poet: Mark Shevalier
Artist: Randi Moody
Item#: 2005SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse gargoyles

Small trees growing fast
Line this city's passageways
Blooms and gargoyles laugh

Poet: Linda & Vanderie Vielie
Artist: Lauren Pettapiece
Item#: 2005SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster: Jazz guitarist in Clinton Square

Jazz in Clinton Square:
Here, the lap steel guitar—there
Summer lightning strikes

Poet: Martin Walls
Artist: Anna Goodale
Item#: 2005SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster: Fishing in Onondaga Lake

Fishermen gone home
Lights cast their lines in the lake—
Catch a quarter moon

Poet: Martin Walls
Artist: Jenny Grishman
Item#: 2005SYR16


Buy this entire year's poster series at a discount.

In addition to making large-format posters for display downtown, each year we mount a traveling exhibit of framed poster prints. The exhibit goes to a new public venue every month or so. When the new year's poster come out, we swap out the frames. We then offer the remaindered prints for sale. These have been dry mounted to foam core board, and are ready to be matted and framed in 18 x 24 - inch frames.

We sell an entire year's series-16 prints, together with an informational text board for each print-for $320. That's like getting the dry mounting and text boards for free. It's a great way to beautify a sizable space-a café, lobby, hallway-with a single, economical purchase. To inquire, send us an email.

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