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Naomi Masingale
Naomi Masingale, a graduate of the Arts Administration Program at LeMoyne College, completed an internship with us, and then rejoined us as a part-time outreach worker. For a look at her earlier internship experience, see this slide show
Yunhui Zhu
Yunhui Zhu, a native of China, came to us from SU's iSchool and helps with database management.
Rosalyn Carroll
Rosalyn Carroll manages our poetry blog. She's also one of our long-standing contributors of haiku.
Eric Stein
Eric Stein, an IT technician for New York State, helps with information technology tasks.
Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan

Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan, or "M.K.", an SU grad student in Computer and Information Science, is our latest database and website management intern.

How to Help

If you like seeing Syracuse art in public places, help make it happen! Our poets and artists produce beautiful work. But to share this work with the broader community and make it financially viable entails an array of tasks. Help us by volunteering. You’ll get to share skills, learn new skills, and work with artists, poets and other champions of public art in Syracuse.

Our nonprofit group has a board of directors, a team of volunteers, and opportunities for high school and college interns. We meet for regular work sessions at Syracuse CoWorks, second floor, 201 E. Jefferson St.

Check the volunteer opportunities below, find one that inspires you, and contact us.

For an informative story about the value of volunteering, read this article from the New York Times.

Or learn more about the internship experience by reading this story from Onondaga Community College about Johnathan O'Kelley, our 2014-15 graphic design intern.

Finally, to familiarize yourself with our interns and volunteers by checking out their favorite music, visit their YouTube Playlist.

Volunteer is at a Syracuse University Event
Yunhui Zhku greeting prospective interns at SU internship fair, 2018.
Volunteer is at a Syracuse University Event

Volunteer Kevin Foresti with interns at our former work space, SU Warehouse.

Volunteer Opportunities

Click on headings for details

Dana McMullen develops and manages our website. She's a Syracuse native who recently completed the Coding and Programming Bootcamp offered by Careers in Code.


Accounting For a modest enterprise, we have a sophisticated accounting system, and we need knowledgable volunteers to help us with a variety of bookkeeping and accounting tasks. If you're a Quickbooks wizard, come share your magic.


Fund Raising We need people with development experience who can secure grants, patronage and corporate sponsorship.


On-line Marketing To attract customers to our on-line store, we hope to develop additional on-line outlets, such as Etsy. We need volunteers to help develop and manage an Etsy account.


Graphic Design Artists from Syracuse University design our annual poster series. But we still need illustrators, typographers and graphic designers to create publicity and marketing materials (letterhead, point-of-sale materials, brochures, poetry solicitations, web pages, invoices, thank-you cards, etc.) and to develop new products. For an example of some playful, extracurricular design work by our graphic design intern Johnathan O'Kelley, click here.


Civic Art Curator Our on-line store has begun to feature additional poster art that aligns with our emphasis on civic art. We need a volunteer curator to reach out to Central New York artists who work in this vein, negotiate agreements, write blurbs about the artists, and post their work.


Micro-publishing We're making better use of our large archive of haiku by developing haiku booklets, with guest curators selecting haiku around regional themes. You can check out the first of these items on the page devotoed to free stuff. Next up? Maybe a collection of haiku about Onondaga Lake. The task calls for volunteers interested in book design, fabrication, and distribution.


Computer Programming We use databases to keep in touch with poets, artists, customers, sponsors and patrons. Since the development of our on-line store, this work has become more sophisticated. We need technicians who can design and maintain databases in Access, Excel, and other programs. And we need information technology people to set up hardware and software and manage files.


Printing We work closely with The Copy Centers, a downtown copy shop, but would also benefit from the expertise of professionals in the printing industry. Volunteers could help us diversify into other printed products, such as note cards and calendars.


Writing We need writers to help with a variety of tasks, including applying for grants, generating publicity, communicating and corresponding about our activities, and helping with the annual solicitation of haiku. The haiku solicitation involves reaching out to the poetry community, networking with schools and writing programs, and inspiring good work. We also need writers to help us launch and maintain a blog.


Reporting Each poster print comes with an information sheet, with pictures of, and comments from, the poet and artist. We need people to gather those comments by recording and transcribing what the artists and poets say about their work.


Civic Relations We request permissions, funding, sponsorship, and in-kind support from a variety of institutions, including city and county government, Center State CEO, and Syracuse University. We need ambassadors and advocates who can develop relationships with these institutions.


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