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If you believe in the art of your community, help make it happen by supporting the Syracuse Poster Project.

We are not lamenting the "could be better" status of civic art in Syracuse. Nor eying hipster cities with warmer weather and richer art scenes. In our narrow vein, we are here, doing what needs to be done to define Syracuse as a place of civic and cultural entrepreneurship.

We fund this work through charitable grants, corporate sponsorship, sales of poster-based products, and contributions from believers like you. Contribute today. Wear your new halo tomorrow morning!

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Please join the following companies and individuals who have sponsored the 2024 poster series. Funders and in-kind contributors receive complimentary poster prints and a variety of promotional credit. Demonstrate your support for civic art! For more information on sponsorship, please contact us. We are a nonprofit organization under 501(c) (3) of the federal tax code, and we are registered with the Charities Bureau of New York State. All contributions are tax deductible.

Civic Champions: $550 and More

Poster Patrons: $250 and More

Art Advocates: $100 and More

  • Drive Research, a market research company
  • Wegmans
  • Anonymous
  • Carol Beisemeyer
  • Gene Bianco
  • Horng Fan
  • Mary Ellen Speicher
  • Richard Weiskopf
  • John Pzepiora
  • Donna Coloton
  • Elizabeth Burton
  • Diana Rogatch
  • Mary Ann Bowering
  • Jane Zell
  • Melissa Zell
  • Evie and Don Ayers-Marsh
Coding interns Mel Saffold and Brielle Dailey with lead developer, Mike Vormwald

Funding for This Website...

The Poster Project's original website was developed in 2008 with sponsorship from Dalpos Archetects, Verizon and National Grid, and grants from the Central New York Community Foundation, the Gifford Foundation, and the Syracuse University Campus-Community Entrepreneurship Initiative - "Enitiative."

From 2022 to 2024, the site was redeveloped with in-kind support from Syracuse University and grants from the Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation and the John Ben Snow Foundation.

Prefacing the redevelopment, Adam Peruta, an instructor of web development at the Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University, had students mock-up a re-designed website.

The grants then supported a lead developer, Mike Vormwald, to work with several paid interns from the Hack Upstate Careers in Code initiative, a program to teach coding to people from low income neighborhoods.

We thank these supporters for their vision, generosity and faith in the value of our work.

Naturalization ceremony at Onondaga County Courthouse

Cards for New Americans

In addition to supporting our core activities, sponsors and contributors can help us fund special initiatives.

One such initiative is the Cards for New Americans project.

This special project will provide Syracuse courts with note cards to hand out at naturalization ceremonies. The cards, based on civic art from our archives, will introduce the city as a place of art, culture and inclusiveness, and engage new citizens in the life of the city.

The goal is to provide note cards on an ongoing basis for the two courts that hold naturalization ceremonies in Syracuse: the federal court and the county court. Each court holds approximately 10 ceremonies a year, serving 500 to 600 new Americans (a combined total of 1,000 to 1,200).

New citizens will receive a pack of six note cards, blank inside, which they could use for sharing news of their Syracuse experience. The packs will include a welcome message, saying that our city values the vision and energy of new residents, and directing them to arts and culture groups where they can develop and share creative skills.

If you would like to support this special project, write to us through the Contact Us page.