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Welcome to the 2022 poster series, our 21th anniversary series! The series consists of 10 posters, inspired by this year's special prompt for our poets: to write in the vein of various 'Syracuse Spirits.' For example: 'The Spirit of Ancestral Guidance.' The large-format posters can be seen in the kiosks of Salina and Warren streets and in poster boxes outside the Salina Street post office. Here one of our former interns, Bhushan Phapale, shows off a framed print from the 2012 series.

Syracuse shoppers: if you want to pick up your order locally, select 'Local Pick-Up' on the checkout page, where you enter shipping information. We'll eliminate shipping and handling fees. You can then pick up your order at our shared work space, Commonspace Work, 201 E. Jefferson St.

Blizzard, god of snow
decrees, "let there be snow banks,
if you get my drift."
Mary Jane BeVard, poet
Jill Long, artist
Item #:2022SYR01

Early morning sun.
Melts snow to liquid silver
and as icicles gleam, I dream.
Emily Buchanan, poet
David Hicock, artist
Item #:2022SYR02

From the fog,
the sound of ancient drums.
Sheltering mist embraces spectral dancers. My people
Ellen McCauley, poet
Tommy Lincoln, artist
Item #:2022SYR03

The Mountain Goat Run
en route to the reservoir
was led by satyrs.
Timothy Muir, poet
R. Paul Lilly, artist
Item #:2022SYR04

When I call to them,
they don't always answer me.
But their blessings do.
David Pasinski, poet
Tyler Hill, artist
Item #:2022SYR05

Sidewalk musician,
the shoppers stop to listen.
Sweet sounds fill the air.
Cynthia Perrine, poet
Thomas Harris, artist
Item #:2022SYR06

Touch my loft's brick wall,
Hear the machines rumbling,
Feel our history.
Michele Reed, poet
Patrick Volz, artist
Item #:2022SYR07

From the past they speak.
We can hear the stories told.
Their memory stays.
Evelyn Stelmashuck, poet
Aletta Ren, artist
Item #:2022SYR08

Rolling soundtracks flow from kickers.
Everyone is listening to the hip hop transmitters.
This portable disco dance party just needs some glitter!
Jane Verostek, poet
Meg Stephens, artist
Item #:2022SYR09

This is the color of my street:
black, brown, and white.
Prismatic and perfect.
Amy Zamkoff, poet
Leah Hennessey, artist
Item #:2022SYR10

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