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Welcome to the 2023 poster series, our 22th anniversary series! The series consists of 10 posters, inspired by this year's special prompt for our poets: to write in the vein of various 'Syracuse Spirits.' For example: 'The Spirit of Ancestral Guidance.' The large-format posters are on display in the kiosks of Salina and Warren streets and in poster boxes outside the Salina Street post office. Here one of our former interns, Bhushan Phapale, shows off a framed print from the 2012 series.

Syracuse shoppers: if you want to pick up your order locally, select 'Local Pick-Up' on the checkout page, where you enter shipping information. We'll eliminate shipping and handling fees. You can then pick up your order at our shared work space, Commonspace Work, 201 E. Jefferson St.

Haudenosaunee women
Fayetteville Bloomers—Orange
Sisters in the hood
Mark Calicchia, poet
Chloe "Clove" Flores, artist
Item #:2023SYR01

The finest forelock,
primping feathers, wool and fur;
side eyes on the prize
Shari Hemsley, poet
Lydia Nichols, artist
Item #:2023SYR02

Hands interwoven
Friendship necklace—a token
Our bond unbroken
Octavia Miller, poet
Barry Lee, artist
Item #:2023SYR03

Yoga in the park.
The salty earth supports us.
The trees feed our breath.
Brian Mitchell, poet
Mary Vertigan, artist
Item #:2023SYR04

These old—growth giants
feel our footsteps pass and fade.
This world, theirs once more.
Craig Overbeck, poet
Katie Mulligan, artist
Item #:2023SYR05

As far as friends go
I promise you to go there
And maybe further
David Pasinski, poet
Lucie Wellner, artist
Item #:2023SYR06

Long—lasting democracy
Peacemaker guidance
Rick Portine, poet
Kathleen O'Dell, artist
Item #:2023SYR07

Art Deco structure
Power promoting design
Rick Portine, poet
Susan Murphy, artist
Item #:2023SYR08

Listen to whispers
rising from the earthy past.
Their story, your guide!
Mark Shevalier, poet
Chris Barrett, artist
Item #:2023SYR09

Like a warm sweater,
the soft smell envelops me.
I take home a loaf.
Maura Harling Stefl, poet
Christian Freeman, artist
Item #:2023SYR10

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