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Welcome to the 2018 poster series. The series consists of 16 posters, including two special 'reverse process' posters. For the special posters, we commissioned artists Nicora Gangi and Nada Odeh to create images about Syracuse as a place of welcome to all people and cultures. Together with the artists, we then selected haiku to complement the images. The large-format posters go on display in the kiosks of Salina and Warren streets, starting in May. Here one of our former interns, Bhushan Phapale, shows off a framed print from the 2012 series. The 2018 series marks our 17th anniversary. So lucky, still in our teens!

Syracuse shoppers: if you want to pick up your order locally, select 'Local Pick-Up' on the checkout page, where you enter shipping information. We'll eliminate shipping and handling fees. You can then pick up your order at the Copy Centers, 131 S. Salina St.

I sold lemonade
Back when times were innocent
And not bittersweet
Omanii Abdullah, poet
Claudia Lewis, artist
Item #:2018SYR01

City lights aglow
constellations of mankind
yes, let there be light
Travis Bartlett, poet
Alena Sceusa, artist
Item #:2018SYR02

Does Syracuse live
In the future or the past?
It's always changing.
James “Bill” Bush, poet
Ariel Dinero, artist
Item #:2018SYR03

sunlight breaks through the
pines…dreams fade with the cheerful songs of cardinals
Rosalyn Carroll, poet
Mya Parker, artist
Item #:2018SYR04

A spring breeze still cold
All nerves beneath the black oak
A new leaf unfurls
Sean Conrey, poet
Jake Penman, artist
Item #:2018SYR05

White clouds drifting where?
Over ocean or dark wood
Homeland hearth—blue smoke
Vinh Dang, poet
Nada Odeh, artist
Item #:2018SYR06

Blackbirds choose one day
when they prefer to wear white
to see how it feels
Jack Davis, poet
Eduardo Figueroa, artist
Item #:2018SYR07

Spiritual growth
Experience, strength and hope
That's why we are here
Terry Eckert, poet
Kim Truong, artist
Item #:2018SYR08

A beacon of hope
City of welcoming arms
A place to call home
Jean Fahey, poet
Nicora Gangi, artist
Item #:2018SYR09

Pale winter lifts her
hooded veil and buds appear
in a burst of spring
Laura Feldman, poet
Anna Schwartz, artist
Item #:2018SYR10

Season of color,
Scraping out seeds within,
Lighted orange smile
Mary Huling, poet
Elise Beauchamp, artist
Item #:2018SYR11

Cold in Syracuse
I need the blues to warm me
Summer is for jazz
Dennis Kinsey, poet
Jacob Rivera Navarro, artist
Item #:2018SYR12

Driving down Park Street
Refugees resettling
Cultural medley
Mary Ann Laidlaw, poet
Zoe Karikas, artist
Item #:2018SYR13

Soulful minds converge,
jazz, punk, reggae, hip hop, funk.
Westcott's rich flavor
Sara Marsh, poet
Victoria Thomas, artist
Item #:2018SYR14

Glassy—moon—eyed deer
at dawn. We share this city,
this morning, this street.
Devon Moore, poet
Shawna Stevenson, artist
Item #:2018SYR15

A raven haired girl
wrapped in a woolen red cloak
prays alone downtown.
Lorraine Piazza, poet
Bernardo Rodriguez, artist
Item #:2018SYR16

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