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Welcome to the 2019 poster series. After years of working primarily with illustration students, we now engage independent artists from Central New York. The series consists of 18 posters--two more than normal--and includes a special contribution from artist Steven Peters of the advertising firm, Mower Inc. The large-format posters go on display in the kiosks of Salina and Warren streets, starting in May. Here one of our former interns, Bhushan Phapale, shows off a framed print from the 2012 series. The 2018 series marks our 18th anniversary. So lucky, still in our teens!

Syracuse shoppers: if you want to pick up your order locally, select 'Local Pick-Up' on the checkout page, where you enter shipping information. We'll eliminate shipping and handling fees. You can then pick up your order at the Copy Centers, 131 S. Salina St.

Unconcerned about
all our comings and goings,
geese fly through the night
Peter Allen, poet
Aaron Lee, artist
Item #:2019SYR01

Syracuse front porch
Ladies young—older—oldest
Dianne Apter, poet
Kathleen O'Dell, artist
Item #:2019SYR02

Wind disrupts raked leaves
Once peaceful piles now swirling
whirling dervishly
Mary Jane BeVard, poet
Erin Nowak, artist
Item #:2019SYR03

gentle morning rain
morning's hopscotch washed away
girls dance in puddles
Laura Braaten, poet
Dani Pendergast, artist
Item #:2019SYR04

Hurled from their branches
Golden leaves swirl everywhere
Onondaga wind
Sherry Chayat, poet
Steven Peters, artist
Item #:2019SYR05

Dozing in warm hay
beneath summer's golden sun
a new—born goat dreams.
Aubrey Joy Cooper, poet
Cayetano Valenzuela, artist
Item #:2019SYR06

Biking the green path
Moving fast on Genesee
Watching the sights—Woosh!
Debra DeSocio, poet
Ann Lathrop, artist
Item #:2019SYR07

Canada geese stay,
Robins and goldfinches rest—
Climate migrates north
David Harper, poet
Eva Hunter, artist
Item #:2019SYR08

Travel the wide bank,
Follow Old Sal's towpath steps;
Eighth worldly wonder
Shari Hemsley, poet
Alexandra Grant, artist
Item #:2019SYR09

Vineyards awaken
Apple trees blossom anew.
Springtime in Upstate.
Perri Elizabeth Hogan, poet
Daniel Shanahan, artist
Item #:2019SYR10

The lights start to dim
The orchestra starts to play
It's Syracuse Stage
Kyle Johnson, poet
Hall Groat Sr., artist
Item #:2019SYR11

Round Lake's cloud and tree
reflections rippled by the
dragonfly's sweet kiss.
Diane Lansing, poet
Jill Pierce Long, artist
Item #:2019SYR12

Flying on moonlight
above Onondaga's waves
Eagle’s wings dancing
Michele Madonna, poet
Alyssa Dearborn, artist
Item #:2019SYR13

Armies of snowplows
invade snowbound neighborhoods
winter prison break
Elizabeth Patton, poet
William Padgett, artist
Item #:2019SYR14

March; spring equinox.
Daffodils, like many suns,
peek through clouds of snow.
Carolyn Senft, poet
Jamie Santos, artist
Item #:2019SYR15

Snow melts to lilies
Of the sweet valley, reborn
In sensuous spring
Marilyn Shelton, poet
Marianne Smith Dalton, artist
Item #:2019SYR16

Echoes of legends
murmurs of up—and—comers
drift over concrete
Erin Stepowany, poet
Jamie Ashlaw, artist
Item #:2019SYR17

Concrete in the sky!
A road can carve a city,
not conquer its soul.
Jim & Bobbi Yonai, poet
R. Paul Lilly, artist
Item #:2019SYR18

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