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Nancy Liccione


Nighttime in the square
Tree lighting and carols sung
Skaters mingle there

I grew up outside of New York City. We'd go into Manhattan for the huge tree lighting and the ice-skating in Madison Square Garden, which is similar to our smaller-scale version in Clinton Square.

When I moved to Syracuse, I remembered the magical times of my youth, particularly the faces of the children the moment the tree was lit. I also remember singing Christmas carols and ice-skating. I'm now reminded of these wonderful childhood memories whenever my family and I visit Clinton Square in winter.

The Harleys roll in
for music and barbeque
Oh, see how they shine!

When I first moved to Syracuse, a friend introduced me to the Dinosaur Barbecue, for the music and the food. Prior to that, I hadnít had much experience with the biker culture. However, there seemed to be a variety of people there, and I really liked it. I felt comfortable and I fit right in.

Initially, I was a regular. I would go mostly for the music. Although I donít know how to write music, I hear music, and a lot of times my poems come to me as music.

Today, the Dinosaur seems to play a variety of music. Years ago, it was strictly blues. I like the blues because its very soulful and I can get lost in it. Itís great!

Fountains echo words
Blues and jazz reverberate
Summer in the Square

I moved to the Syracuse area about twenty years ago. My friends and I would go downtown to get coffee or just sit outside and talk. We also loved going to the blues fest and jazz fest. I met my husband there, and my husband and I still attend the current jazz fest at OCC. This poem combines some of the memories I have of being downtown in the summertime, listening to music and being with friends.


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