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Seneca Wilson


Luck of the Irish
Green beer, white snow, orange pride
Reversed traffic light

I’m originally from Pascagoula, Mississippi. I had never heard of Tipperary Hill until I met my girlfriend, now fiancée. She was living on Tipperary Hill and she preferred to stay in this neighborhood. So I had to adapt because you have to do whatever your fiancée tells you to do. She grew up here in Syracuse, in the Westvale area, and she loves this neighborhood. My fiancée considers herself Irish. She’s Asian, but she says she’s Irish, and you can’t tell her anything different. We live on Tompkins Street, and it’s amazing to see how excited people get around here for Green Beer Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, and SU games. I just wanted to capture that the best way I could through the haiku.


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