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Joan Cofrancesco
Some days I go walk Onondaga Lake Parkway, or ride my bike along it. One day I was walking it, and I got this feeling that there were spirits around. It was a spring day, and warm, with the sun shining. Spring is a time of renewal for me, and it’s my favorite season. I think that had something to do with it. I felt that these spirits were walking with me, or that they were in canoes on the lake, and I just started thinking what life was like back then.

Spirits often come to me in my dreams. Relatives who have died—they appear in my dreams and sometimes talk to me. And then I’ll write the dreams down. I always think they’re trying to tell me something significant. Like with the Indians: the message seems peaceful—to respect nature.

Their spirits are there
Native voices echoing
Onondaga Lake

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