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Joan Cofrancesco
One day I was driving by the NiMo building. I had always admired the building’s art deco design, but I had never really looked at the statue. This time it was a sunny day, and the light was hitting the statue in a way that made me look up. So I pulled over, looked at it and thought, “Wow!” It just sparked something in me. It seemed to be this powerful mythological creature, or a superhero, and it’s, like, giving us power.

I went through a lot with the statue’s gender—whether it’s a man or a woman. Not knowing, and researching, and finally finding out its name—the Spirit of Light—I kind of like it. I like the idea of power not only as superhero power, but real power, electric power, as in light. I like the double meaning.

Above Syracuse
NiMo's Spirit of Light flies
giving us power

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