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Ellen Agnew
One of the things that makes the Dinosaur exciting, once the weather turns nice, is all the great bikes outside, all lined up, polished, showing off. The Dino originally was a bikersí bar, but now, of course, itís a generally popular spot. I think itís fun to see the bikes still there. They make the place seem like an old saloon, with horses tied up outside. I used to go to a lot of old western movies with my dad, and that was a common scene: the horses all tied up and the cowboys going through the swinging doors into the thick of whatever was happening in the saloon. I imagine the horses getting anxious, not wanting to be tied up too long, and I see the motorcycles that way, too. Itís like, ďYeah, well, Iím here, but letís get out on the road!Ē

Anxious to take flight,
chrome decked mares at the curb
await Dino knights

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