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Jane Cassady
I wrote this a couple of years ago at Clinton Square. It was one of those hot summer nights when you jump in the fountain, and everyone else is in the fountain. It felt exciting. Like when you get to Manhattan, and youre, like, Ooo! Im in the city!

Its the way the buildings were lit up, and the way everybody was playing in the fountain. Those are beautiful buildings. And theres something about the Gridley Building, with its stopped clock, that endears me.

Do you remember the film, Its a Wonderful Life, where Jimmy Stewart keeps going down the stairs, and the banister comes apart? And each time he gets pissed off, but in the end hes so happy to see the banister come apart, because he knows hes home. Its kind of like that: Old silly stopped clock tower.

Humid moon rises
over the stopped clock tower
like a real city

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