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Janine DeBaise
The image I had was actually from the fifth floor of St. Joseph’s hospital. I was there quite a bit with an aunt who was dying. If you look out, you get a nice view of the city. But also, if you’re like me, and you’re nearsighted, when you take off your glasses and look out, it’s very cool.

When I stay in hotels in strange cities, I notice the same thing. One time I was visiting Atlanta, Ga., and I took out my contacts and looked out the hotel room. Again, it looks really beautiful without them. All the lights, they all blur together once you take your glasses off. When I was writing the haiku I was thinking of it more as a romantic situation, but the reality was me with my dying aunt, or in a hotel room by myself.

The city at night.
Let me take off your glasses.
See, it's beautiful

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