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Jay Cox
I love haiku for the way it connects you to the natural world. I see it as a snapshot of a moment, where Iím an observer, and Iím connected to the environment, exploring and reflecting its intricacies and uniqueness. To capture one of these moments is the challenge of haiku.

Writing haiku about the downtown, thereís the additional challenge of coming up with something from the natural world and melding it into the man-made world.

I blended three things that I consider integral to the Syracuse landscape: crows, the blues and Armory Square. Everyday I hear crows spinning talking blues, so I couldnít imagine any self-respecting crow cruising through Armory Square, hearing a smokiní blues rift, and not wanting to chime in.

Passing crows caw as
notes glide from a bluesman's slide in Armory Square

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