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Marilyn Shelton
I teach English and Creative Writing at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, and I live in Baldwinsville. So every morning, I commute through the city. And thereís one point in the drive east on I-690 when Onondaga Lake is on my left, the city lights are across the horizon in front of me, and the road cuts through the middle of the lights. Especially in late fall and winter, when itís dark, that point seems to be a gate to a jeweled city.

Because I find a rich poetic subject in the relationship of city to nature, my imagination connected the lake to the moon, and I imagined that the city and the moon have a kind of relationship where they take refreshment from each other. The image for the poem came into my head all at once: the lake, the moon, the lights, the stars, the city.

Past a sagging gate
Of stars, the city takes long
sips of the cool moon

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