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Sherry Chayat
I was standing on the banks of Onondaga Creek, at the Zen Center, watching a group of ducks. It was the end of summer. They were swimming along in a sort of military formation, quite intent on where they were going. I thought, Hmmm, they donít know itís called summer, or fall; they donít follow a calendar, but they are intuitively aware. To them, itís just a beautiful day. Itís warm, and theyíre swimming, north, toward Armory Square.

Every haiku has to include a reference to the season, and has to have some kind of grounding in a specific place. So I wanted a humorous reference to the fact that fall was coming, yet here are these ducks swimming in formation toward the center of the city, going north.

Flotilla of ducks
Swimming toward Armory Square
Don't know summer's gone

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