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Mark Shevalier
My attempt to interpret the “project” prompt to write in and of the “Spirit of Ancestral Guidance,” led me to the idea of how, forever, through time on this earth, it is and always has been our ancestors’ experiences that have influenced the condition in which we live.

The “whispers” in my poem are the subtle and perpetual stories of human experience. They are stories told in the language of WISDOM! And so, no matter what our culture or when in time we tread this earth, it is crucial that we listen to the important whispers of those who lived before us.

And so it has been, and so it shall be…The whispers rise…from primitive paintings on cave walls and from hieroglyphics that hover the sands of Egypt. From the bloodstained soil of fallen soldiers and from the scholarly chapters of our history books. The whispers rise from the sullen and faded epitaphs on the faces of gravestones…and from one’s angst and joy in the tear dappled pages of dusty diaries. And so, we listen…to learn…and to live!

Listen to whispers
rising from the earthy past.
Their story, your guide!

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