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Kai Gesek
Hello Syracuse! I remember writing this haiku in fall of 2019, or sometime around there. Iím not great with specifics, but what I do remember vividly is the process in which this poem came to me.

Iím not naturally a poet, or a formal writer, for that matter. I typically write informally, or in a very specific voice. However, when asked to try and come up with a short haiku poem, an image sprang immediately to mind. It was snow. Building amounts of snow, piled one or two feet high. As I watched the picture in my brain, I watched the snow melt away into a warm and peaceful spring. I knew immediately what my submission would be about.

Iím honored to have been selected to have my poem featured in this way!

Warmth fading to cold
But no matter how much comes,
the sun still rises

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