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Christina Finn
My husband, two daughters and I live in Pennsylvania. For the past 12 summers we have collectively lived on both the north and south shores of Oneida Lake. During our stays we visited many of the well-known places in Syracuse, but most of our memories stem from simple lakeside living. It is this aspect from which I derived my haiku. Our dear neighbor Mary turns her multi-color Adirondack chairs in the direction of the light so as to optimize the warmth and beauty that surrounds. The chairs remind me of a devoted congregation, unwavering in faith and looking beyond. They are solid, sturdy and unmoving, loyal and committed. Colored Adirondack chairs will always remind me of Mary, Central New York and our cherished family time together. These memories and this place are woven into our hearts forever. We will always think of New York as home.

Adirondack chairs
positioned dutifully
worship mother sun

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