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Wendy Everard
I think that there’s poetry in hockey. The grace, the athleticism, the drama of a great game—all of these components connect the athletic competition to the art form. A graceful turn of skate or phrase, a lean and muscular athlete or stanza, a dramatic shift in action or idea: a poem can spur the same emotions as a heartbreaking missed shot or a rousing goal. As a native Buffalonian and Sabres fan, it was inevitable that a move to Syracuse twenty years ago would see me become a fan of the Crunch. Chilly morning with a cup of cocoa in hand, watching my daughter skate at Cicero and Morrisville ice rinks, also captured my imagination and inspired the imagery in this poem.

Gleaming silver skates,
Smooth swish of the quick, black puck:
Goal wins cheers… or jeers.

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