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Rosalyn Carroll
This year’s theme of “healthy living” piqued my interest and challenged my imagination! How do you condense lifestyle choices that reflect physical, emotional and spiritual well being into a haiku! There are so many ways to enjoy healthy living in CNY – we walk, run, lift weights, practice yoga and play sports; we sing, dance, play an instrument and listen to music; we write poetry, go to a play, paint canvases and putter in the garden; we cook up a storm, we eat, drink and gather with friends!

One way I enjoy healthy living is by keeping my morning routine as simple and as nourishing as time allows. Finding balance and comfort in a good cup of coffee ensures a good day ahead at the office. Come summertime, when I can take my coffee outside on the back deck, there is nothing better than watching the birds as they gather at the birdfeeder or feeling the warmth of the sun on my face all the while drinking in the sounds of the world coming awake around me.

Coffee in hand, I
watch the sun dance through the trees.
I drink in birdsong.

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