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Elizabeth Westfall
Ever since I was little, I’ve filled notebooks and scrap pieces of paper with my words. I have always felt passionate about writing, whether it is poetry, a short story, or some really great quotes or ideas. I’ve found that napkin notes are usually the best. Sudden bursts of genuine emotion. Writing is a way I became in tune with my soul and how I see the world and what happens in it. It is art like no other.

As for the poem, I was inspired by the ambience of autumn. The colors, warmth, and feelings of love and comfort were considered throughout. Autumn is a time to be grateful for those in our lives and for the beauty we get to see in nature every day. Autumn foliage is breathtaking and vibrant, as can be love you feel for someone else. I just wanted to capture the amber tones, visual and emotional, of my favorite season.

Leaf—strewn vibrant woods
Cinnamon spice and sweaters
Your hand in my hand

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