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Martin Walls
This poem celebrates the long-running jazz program produced every summer by CNY Jazz in neighborhoods across Syracuse. Itís a time of community celebration, dancing and joy, and I wanted to capture that in this art form.

Because itís haiku, Iím also trying to connect the local to the cosmic, to amplify one and give praise to the other (for instance, in the image that compares the glistening brass trumpets to the setting summer sun).

Capturing the rhythm of jazz in a ďWestern 5/7/5 haikuĒ is a bit of a trick, so I went with a kind of syncopation, with three beats in the first short line and four in the second longer line. Thatís my version of the three-quarter time you might find in a jazz!

Hips swing in the breeze
Trumpets snaring the late sun
Jazz in the City!

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