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Linda Green
I have always loved reading! As a child I enjoyed, “I Wish That I Had Duck Feet” and “The Little Engine That Could.” They taught me that it’s best to be yourself and always persevere.

As a parent I home schooled my son and daughter. Often we would bring home 100 books or more from the library.

After raising my family, I pursued a career in literacy. I am now the Executive Director of The Newland Center for Adult Learning and Literacy. One of our priorities is to teach people to read, especially new immigrants and refugees.

Through my life various authors and books have been inspiring to me, but the Bible has had the greatest impact on my life.

My inspiration for my poem came from the television show “Reading Rainbow” because of the creative ways they introduced books to children.

I hope my journey encourages others to explore the wonderful world of books!

I slip the key in
Pages of the book unfold
A new world opens

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