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Aubrey Joy Cooper
This haiku was written in memory of my first dog, Star. Eleven years ago my family and I visited an animal shelter and were drawn to a litter of abandoned puppies. We were fascinated by a quiet black fur ball hiding in the corner. It was his bashful nature which allowed Star to grow into a dog who loved every misfit animal in our varied menagerie, which included everything from rabbits to peacocks. As he changed from a pup into a dog, his loyalty to his adopted family, both humans and animals, deepened. He defended the weakest animals from terrors such as foxes and coyotes, yet never complained when baby rabbits used his nose as a springboard. He knew exactly who his family was and spent every day trying to make us as safe and happy as he felt. It is for that reason that no matter how many dogs I may have in this lifetime, none will ever replace that tiny miscellaneous mutt who so effortlessly, faithfully, and completely transformed into my star.

Dare I hope again?
Human eyes reveal few truths,
Still, I hope once more.

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