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Paul Kocak
For me, writing haiku poetry is about observing and reflecting. In particular, this project celebrates a sense of place. As I see it, the poems represented on these posters capture specific Syracuse-area places at a moment in time as viewed by one viewer (and then "translated" by an illustrator).

So, when I am trying to conjure up poems for this public-art enterprise, I walk around more attentive. I am receptive for places that will catch my attention, that will stop me in my tracks. In this case, I had been working downtown. I looked up. I saw the gargoyle. I knew people had been tracking the local falcons. I often take a piece of paper in my pocket (a receipt, for example) and do a draft. I tap syllables with my fingers. "Gargoyle": two or three?

Hills Building at dusk
a solitary gargoyle
searching for falcons

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