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Rosalyn Carroll
I am always inspired by the change of seasons. Thatís where a lot of my haiku come from. This one I wrote in 2010, towards the end of what was an especially beautiful and bountiful summer.

Iíve always loved little roadside farm stands that dot the countryside. I enjoy stopping by to see what earthly delight might await me there or at the farmersí markets that sprout up in village squares all around Syracuse during the summer. Itís a pleasant surprise to see the seamless transitions at these farm stands as the seasons changeówhen all kinds of berries and delicate, young greens welcome spring, while cherries and zucchini herald in summer. And, of course, thereís the first telltale sign that fall is coming when fresh, sweet corn, apples and pumpkins make their appearance.

This haiku also seeks to wake a sense of pride in, and gratitude for, the simple unassuming beauty thatís found on the shelves at every farmersí marketóthat we are so fortunate to have a wealth of fruit and vegetables that come from the earth, and thankful, too, for the folks that till the fields and share their bounty.

Our Farmers' Market
Straddles summer into fall
With luscious bounties

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