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Alexa Carter
I live in Fulton, but I come down to Onondaga Lake Park on a regular basis, because I love it. All of my haikus were about the park, and they made direct reference to things that go on in the park.

"Seniors stretching on grass" refers to Fit for the Next Fifty, a program that Wegmans funds all spring, summer, and into the fall. We do aerobics, stretching, yoga, and balance work, all right on the edge of the lake, beneath cottonwood trees. The young mothers are in another program. Moms push strollers with their newborns, and literally run the path, stop, do calisthenics, and then run some more.

And always the beautiful cottonwoods bear witness.

Seniors stretch on grass
Moms run paths pushing newborns
The lake bears witness

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