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Carla Bregman
Every aspect of Nature --”zoology, botany, geology, and astronomy”-- has always fascinated me. So, it's only natural that writing haikus and bird watching are two of my favorite pastimes!

One reason I like to read and write haikus is that they often allude to Nature. As a haiku writer, I like the challenge of trying to depict a beautiful image found in Nature in a very short space. I also like the demands of the rigid format and the easy shortness of haiku. I started writing haiku when my daughter Brook learned about them in grade school, and was inspired by the haikus of one of her teachers, Sheila Forsyth.

Several years ago, when peregrine falcons started nesting on the tall buildings in Syracuse, I was thrilled. Seeing falcons soaring, diving after prey, truly lifts my spirits. And encountering these wild hunters in the heart of Syracuse, while unexpected, is emblematic of Syracusans' adventurousness and their love of nature.

Bold skyline towers
Welcome home soaring falcons
And human spirits

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