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Joan Loveridge-Sanbonmatsu
We were moving into our house in Syracuse, from Oswego, on December 1st, 2009.

It was late in the afternoon and the first snow of the season began to fall. I looked out of a large living room window—we had a small, fenced-in backyard in Syracuse—and beyond the fence, under a tree, was a red fox curled up sleeping. It was such a welcoming sight for me, and even on that same afternoon, several deer visited us. When we moved to the city, seeing those beautiful creatures in our backyard felt like home.

When I see something—if there’s a flash of beauty in nature and I see that occur—the haiku more or less write themselves. If I see something that really touches me, or moves me, I like to write it down—and a haiku is born.

Oak trees in the sun
Curled up on straw and first snow
a sleeping red fox

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