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Amie St. Amour
Inspiration? I started writing mindful of the pedestrian. If your feet become wet or cold in your shoes here, then plastic bags help as interlining. It is a Haiku of a Survivor and a Haiku of a Clown. It is a Haiku of a Child and a Haiku of a Pet.

Why Haiku? I like working on the syllables and structure. There is a play on the words feet, snow, fall, and on a theme of waiting. It is dramatized by snow days and the way it inevitably reads different in a specific moment in time. I am so honored that a haiku I wrote was ameliorated by an artist taking souls beyond a sole reality, creating a winning sense of place, and illustrating the vision of the project!

Waiting for snow days
little feet in plastic bags
waterproof fall shoes.

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