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William Padgett
I teach communication design at SU, and now am also teaching entrepreneurship classes. I wrote this haiku after watching the students get on and off the bus to the Warehouse in winter, which is a good chunk of the time that they spend here.

Taking the bus has a way of humbling you. You are not in a car by yourself. You are with other people. You feel the contrast between the luxury of driving a car and traveling with the masses. Itís like a stage. Here the weather and that stage come together.

The stinging of the cheeks is a defrosting. They donít sting when you are outside because they are numb. When you get on the bus, which is where you want to go when itís cold outside, you warm up. That stinging pain on your cheeks is a good pain because you are in a good place.

Bus stop shuffling feet
when doors open, winter enters
glasses fog, cheeks burn

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