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Michele Reed
A lot of my poems end up being about my family, and this one is about my daughter, Katie. I should start at the beginning: My husband and I met as students at Syracuse University. When Katie was in high school, she went to a summer program at SU in jazz, and the final concert was in Setnor Auditorium in Crouse College.

She's a trombonist, and is now in graduate school studying trombone. It was just really cool for us to go to the Hill again to listen to our daughter play. Katie started with the trombone in fifth grade. She wanted to play the saxophone, but when she saw this big horn on display -- bigger than she was -- she said, "It's so beautiful. Can I take it home tonight?" Now, it's taking her all over the world.

We met on The Hill—
Now we hear our daughter play
Jazz at Crouse College

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