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Marilyn Shelton
I didnít want to write poems that just had a certain number of syllables. I really wanted to get into the spirit of haiku. And I think, in large part, that spirit has to do with the meeting of civilization and natureóman and nature.

So this poem has to do with a proverb I like, that says, ďIf I had two loaves of bread, I would sell one to buy hyacinths to feed my soul.Ē

Cities are places of commerce. And thereís something missing in all the asphalt and the horns blaring. We lose touch with nature. When Iím hustling and bustling, I see it in my mindís eyeóthatís the corner where the flower vendor should be. I need some flowers right now.

Corner vendor shouts
Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Makes
City women smile

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