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Joe Sarnicola
I find haiku one of the most challenging forms of poetry. It looks simple and easy until you try to do it. Iíve read books by the old masters and the modern writers, and I never ceased to be impressed by the craft that goes into a good haiku.

The seasons are an important aspect of itóthe weather, sky, nature. And Iíve always interpreted the form to have two images that donít appear to be related, but in the context of the poem, they reveal something about each other. Thatís what I was implying with the line, More than a landmarkóthat thereís more to the Landmark than what you look at. Itís something you experience.

The first time I went to the Landmark, I was really impressed. Todayís theaters just canít compare to this.

More than a landmark
Where stars walk Syracuse streets
Under the marquee

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