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Ellen Agnew
One of my favorite places, where I first met the crows, was when I would go to the symphony. I park by the corner of Fayette and State streets, and there's a park there, and when I would look up into the trees of the park, they'd be just black with crows.

Now I see them in the morning, around 6:00, when I'm heading out of the city, and then around 5:30 in the evening, when I'm coming back in. I like the regularity of it. You can almost tell time by the crows, and what's neat about it is how it happens to coincide with my routine. It's like the crows are commuting, too.

I like bringing nature into the city, letting nature take over a bit more, and not thinking of it negatively. It's nice to have touches with nature, aside from the zoo.

Crows cruise dawn to dusk—
could be Nature's vision of
urban renewal

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