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Michele Reed
We live in Oswego, but we often come to Syracuse for my daughterís band rehearsals. She was rehearing one day, when my husband and I discovered the Regional Market. It was toward the end of summer, and the eggplants were phenomenal. We ended up with a basket of dark purple, light purple and white eggplant, summerís last greens, and a bunch of onions.

We went home and ended up with a really nice eggplant Parmesan salad. We were just amazed by the vegetables, and the freshness and beauty of them. It was like a feast for all the sensesódifferent colors, textures, tastes and smells: garlic, onions, savory spices. Itís a great resource for the whole area.

rich purple eggplant
vies for space in my basket
with summer's last greens

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