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Paul Kocak
In the mid 1980s, I was working in publishing in New York, and a friend, a spiritual mentor, suggested I write haiku as a spiritual exercise. So I did. I approached haiku as prayer almost, a way of finding spirituality in the moment, in ordinary things.

Since then, I’ve done it periodically. It helps me to see the whole fabric of the world in a small thing. For instance, a couple of days ago, I was having a difficult time at work. I stared out the window, and there was a tree with red berries on it covered with snow. I was having a bad day, and I said to myself, “Everything is perfect for that little tree right now, despite the turmoil I’m having, despite the cold and the snow.”

I guess you could say it takes me out of myself to see that interconnectedness. It really does work.

Columbus Circle
noontime pigeons peck at crumbs
shards of stained glass sun

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