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Helen Hilbert
Helen Hilbert, who died in 2001, was one of the Poster Project’s early and most eager participants. She was a regular participant to The Syracuse New Times annual Syr-Haikus contest and generous with her poetry on a number of other fronts. She wrote birthday and get well poems for friends and family. She wrote and published a book of children's poetry, “Harvey the Happy Halibut and Other Tales.” And she played Mother Goose, reciting poetry and Mother Goose stories, at the Skaneateles Dickens Festival and the Plainville Turkey Farm. She lived in Liverpool.

The poem featured in this year’s poster series is one of 11 that Hilbert submitted in 2001. Another of her poems—about frog songs on Onondaga Lake—became a poster in the 2002 series.

Crystal towers rise
What happened to the gargoyles?
Old men keep asking.

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