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Sheila Forsyth
I was downtown with my daughter, Dierdre, and we were sitting out at one of the places in Armory Square, having dinner. We tend to go downtown when the weather is warm. We like to go to Kitty Hoynes, which has outdoor tables, or to the Dinosaur. Or we’ll go down to the Sound Garden for music.

Anyway, it was one of those nice evenings, when it stayed light long, and we were just kicking back and watching what was going on around us. The sparrows were over by the curb and they were fighting for little crumbs. There was one particular sparrow that the rest were picking on. I don’t know why. The other sparrows seemed to be having a good time, but as soon as this one tried to join in, they would chase him away.

Sparrows fight for crumbs
Dropped by alfresco diner
In Armory Square

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