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Pearl Baldwin
It seems like I learn from my poetry. Itís amazing to me how I can just write, just sit down and write my feelings and my thoughts. Theyíre not organized or collected, but after Iíve written them down, I can see more clearly.

When Iím writing itís just writing for writingís sake, so to speak. Just writing about different things that I know or that Iíve learned about. And then, after itís all said and done, I see more deeply into it, as if Iím not the person whoís writing the poetry.

Eventually, I get the idea behind the things Iím writing about, and then Iím able to formulate the poem from a better perspective. And then I wonder, How did this happen? Itís almost like music, itís so mysterious. You donít know what you have inside you. You open your mouth and out comes something that you didnít know was there.

Stroll the town parade
Bar hop, coffee shops, bus stops
Times when friends are made

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