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Ellen Agnew
I love winter. And I always giggle to myself as I hear people complain about it so much. But I’ve always lived in a northern climate, and my fondness for it stems from making snow tunnels, igloos, castles, angels, and of shoveling snow—still my favorite household chore.

As an artist, I’m fascinated by snow’s ambiguity: the delicacy of its floating flakes in contrast with dangers it presents as it accumulates.

And I really do use winter as a time to catch up on things. Tending to overextend, I love the acceptable excuse snow provides for me to say, “I think I’ll stay home tonight.” Then I can curl up with a book or write more—freely do some of the things I don’t allow myself time for as much as I would like.

Nature's gift of snow
allows us to slow our pace,
take time to reflect

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