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Claire Bobrycki
I’m a fan of the blues, and I like going downtown for Blues Fest. I love the feeling of the city being very alive, and of people being together, enjoying music.

Syracuse is a great town for the blues, because the blues are about overcoming adversity. Syracusans tend to be that way—have a strong endurance. With the harsh weather and so forth, you need a lot of endurance.

I also play a little blues guitar, just for fun. It’s sort of like haiku. You’ve got the blues scale. The lead part and the riffs are all within that framework—the scale—but there’s so much variety in how they’re played. The same thing in haiku: there’s that structure, and in that structure, infinite variety is possible.

Steamy summer night—
ribs smokin', guitars wailin'
Blues Fest makes it right

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