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Ellen Agnew
Iím addicted to the farmerís market. I absolutely love it. In fact, whenever I have friends in town, and it happens to be on the weekend, why, I get them to the farmers market, because I just think itís one of Syracuseís real showpieces.

And I have collections of photos that Iíve done there. I love to see the farmers. I love to see people looking seriously at all the different things, trying to make up their minds. You know, which head of broccoli is the best. Especially around here, in August and September, when the tomatoes look really great, and theyíre so many of them that people do have to make up their minds which they want. These big decisions of the week. So they do check things out. And they always look so colorful, really almost seductive.

Where tomatoes blushó
as shoppers caress their flesh
The Farmers Market

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